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Angels of Change 2013 Calendar

Help support positive representations of trans* youth (especially young trans Latinas and other young trans women of color) while simultaneously helping raise funds for transgender health services at the Division of Adolescent Health CHLA.

Click on the image to order your calendar today!

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We’re so ridiculously close folks. Pre-register to make sure there’s space for you! Scholarships are still available to cover housing. Visit ignite.sparkrj.org for more information!

And remember! The IGNITE 2012 Queer & Trans Youth of Color Convening is for LGBTQ youth of color age 14 - 24 rooted in the Southern region. These experiences are being prioritized in all decision making.


Looking for something to do to cap off your summer?

The IGNITE 2012 Queer and Trans Youth Convening will provide an opportunity for LGBTQ youth of color (14-24) from across the Southern region to engage in dialogue, political education, skill shares, networking, and to begin to organize state level action plans on the issues that most impact their lives. This one of a kind convening seeks to bridge the gap between rural and urban LGBTQ communities of color in Georgia by:

  • Building the knowledge and consciousness of queer youth of color around LGBTQ youth of color issues;
  • Providing opportunities for queer youth of color to convene, explore, and learn more about their bodies, lives, and their community as it relates to reproductive justice;
  • Fostering sustained community involvement around reproductive justice and LGBTQ youth issues and other social justice interests;
  • Connecting dynamic queer youth of color to each other and to organizations that serve LGBTQ youth to build out and enhance their network of survival;
  • Providing opportunities for LGBTQ youth of color to access resources and information that allows them to make informed decisions about their bodies, lives, and relationships; and,
  • Breaking down the stereotypes often associated with rural and urban LGBTQ youth of color to build community and lessen the isolation faced by both communities.

We intend to mobilize a minimum of 150 LGBTQ youth of color within the convening’s first year, with at least half of those individuals coming from small rural communities. We are offering three different tracks under which activities and workshops may take place based on our theme “Our Bodies, Our Communities, Our Futures: Building Our Networks of Survival”.

“Our Bodies” will focus on health and wellness. “Our Communities” will focus on community education and activism. “Our Futures” will focus on creating the world we wish to live in, specifically addressing career building, family planning, and building out networks of survival.

Download the IGNITE 2012 Flyer (pdf)
Download the IGNITE 2012 Flyer (jpeg)


[i will be in the opening plenary & co-faciliating a workshop & ready to look at beautiful fierce qtpoc]

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