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But stats and numbers can’t begin to explain the depth and breadth of an Essence. So you got the impression that there was always something about the magazine that TI couldn’t quite put its finger on.

Here’s the thing: Time, Inc. has done an excellent job of reaching mass audiences. Four of its 21 titles are among the top 25 most widely circulated magazines in the country. (Thus it stands to reason that the top rated ones are the ones they’ll keep.) Time magazine has 3.2 million subscribers; People beats that at 3.6 million — and that’s not even counting single-copy sales or pass-along rates. Yes, Sports Illustrated and InStyle are for specific audiences — but for everybody in those audiences, every sports fan, every fashionista.

And here’s the problem: Essence was never a mass product. Essence was a religion. Black women bought it, read it, saved it, shared it. As the first major magazine for women of color, it was the publication its readers had grown up with. It was iconic. They believed in it; it believed in them. Even when (I suspect) people weren’t reading it as much, they still subscribed. They didn’t want NOT to have it.

To keep Essence essential, Time Inc. or a new parent company will need to understand how to do religion as well as it knows how to do magazines. Yes, the decision-makers could argue that religion is not their job; selling magazines is. But what is that but proselytizing — bringing new people into the fold and bringing the prodigals back? How do you do that but by appealing to them on a soul level?

So, who can do that best? Meredith certainly knows how to do niche and has a feel for “real people.” That’s evident in titles like More, attuned to a sophisticated woman over 40; Better Homes and Gardens, a shelter mag that feels like home; and its handful of family and parenting titles. If it can, as it claims, “tap into the special interests of women” like the Essence reader, Meredith might be a good match.

(Of course, there have always been those folks who thought that Essence should belong to Oprah.)

Whoever ultimately fills all those empty seats at Essence will have to find people who understand the Essence reader and the depth and nature of her devotion.

Tamara Jeffries, “What Will Happen To Essence Magazine? Time Will Tell,” Poynter 2/14/13


La Casa Azul, an all-Latino bookstore, opens in East Harlem
Aurora Anaya-Cerda has achieved her dream of opening her own independent book store dedicated exclusively to selling works by Latino authors.

Originally from East Los Angeles, Anaya-Cerda has had a love for reading and learning more about her culture from a young age. As a teacher she realized the need for her Latino students to read works by authors who communicated like them and told familiar stories. After moving to New York City, she began a campaign on IndieGogo from September – November 2011 and raised $36,000 to open her store! This was the realization of 6 year long dream and a lifetime of passion for Latino literature.

Casa Azul will feature approximately 3,000 English and Spanish-language Latino books and art by local artists, jewelry, clothing and accessories from Guatemala and Mexico. Anaya-Cerda describes the great void that her bookstore is trying to fill: “In my store, every single bookshelf will be books by Latinos - giving us the recognition that we have not gotten. So many of us are great writers and have great stories to share.”

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As Carol (my middle name) Burnette would say, ‘we’re so glad we had this time together, but now it’s time for us to say so long’. Ten years of amazing friendship and camaraderie have gone by way too soon. On July 31, 2012, Hue- Man will close its current location. We all know that there is a season for everything under heaven and the season of “traditional book” selling has come to a close.

When you do something for five hundred years and it works why change? But change has happened and the publishing industry is experiencing a new reality. Faced with tremendous social pressures to deliver the next big idea, celebrity books have become the interim hype, yet even that is not a sustainable model for an industry in turmoil. As stop gap measures run out, the industry will be forced to reconcile the future place of “real books” in their business models and with continuous rumble and tumult, new ideas will percolate on how to deliver that new experience to the new consumer of books. No matter how apocalyptic the predictions are for the industry, it is my belief that books are here to stay in one iteration or the other.

Closing the existing format of Hue-Man is forward thinking on our part and as we take pause to re-imagine the future of books and how to ensure that their purpose of entertaining, imparting knowledge and honing creativity is preserved, we find no viable alternative but to go back to the drawing board. Closing our beloved bookstore, I assure you was a very hard decision for us. Yet, the confluence of events, changing landscape, the end of our lease and the international expansion of our vision, closing our physical location was the only sensible decision we could make. There is no way to re-imagine the bookstore of the future in our current space. To try to do so would be a stop gap and a waste of resources.
Legendary NYC Black-owned bookstore Hue-Man Books closes its doors on July 31st. More from their goodbye missive here.



My partner/spouse and I have just started a new Tumblr entitled: fuckyeahqueerparents

We are looking for submissions of any variety from QUILTBAG parents. If you are a parent anywhere on the queer spectrum we would love to hear about you and your family.

It is important to know that there are other queer and trans families out there. Let us challenge the anti-queer and anti-trans stances of the ‘traditional’ family and ‘traditional’ family values. Let us challenge heteronormative cissexist reproductive hegemony. There is strength in diversity and community.

Please consider following fuckyeahqueerparents or submitting.

In Solidarity,


Hey, y’all! I’m part of this thing, now. We are looking for writing of any kind, images, questions.

Birth stories would be a great place to start!

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To this day, I’m stil getting notifications and emails about it. Just got an email from some publishing company, they want to use the posters in some textbook. I have a meeting with OU’s legal team today… We’ll see. Well damn, haters are you mad? You should be.

Congrats, Sarah!

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