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(94# India) Sudha Chandran: Why she kicks ass

  • She is a Bharatanatyam dancer, and film and television actress in India. 
  • She earned her B.A from Mithibai CollegeMumbai and subsequently an M.A in Economics.
  • In 1981, while traveling from Mumbai to the South during pilgrimage she had an accident which meant she had to have her right leg amputated as doctors missed a wound in her ankle and put plaster over it, leading to gangrene in the wound.
  • She found this time very rough, and subsequently overcame her disability with the help of a prosthetic Jaipur foot, dancing both with and without the Jaipur foot.
  • She became one of the most highly acclaimed dancers of the Indian subcontinent.
  • She received invitations from all over the world for performances. She was honored with various awards after she performed as far away from home as Europe, Canada and the Middle East. 
  • In 986 she received a Special Jury Award from the National Film Awards for her role in the movie Mayuri in which she played herself and was based on her life.

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The seven young members of the internationally acclaimed National Ballet of Cuba who defected last month after a tour in Mexico came to the United States in search of wider artistic horizons, one of them has declared…The decision to defect “was hard but we made it firmly, without thinking about the past, only the future,” said Ruiz Diaz.


It is the latest Internet phenomenon that has the world laughing, but in Egypt the Harlem Shake has caught the imagination of revolutionaries who are using it as a new way to challenge the country’s new Islamist rulers.

"It’s a funny way to protest how [the Muslim Brotherhood] have taken control of the country,” said law student Tarek Badr, 22, who was one of more than 100 thrusting their hips in front of the political movement’s Cairo headquarters on Thursday. "People won’t be silent. They will protest in all ways and this is a peaceful way."

Organizer Noor al Mahalaawi, a 22-year-old engineering student, and three friends started a group that they have dubbed the “Satiric Revolutionary Struggle”.

The group intends to stage innovative weekly protests in front of the party headquarters, which will be posted on its increasingly popular Facebook page.

"People are very supportive,” Mahalaawi said. “It’s a change from violence to sarcasm and it’s peaceful. There has been enough blood, enough arrests, enough trials.”
He said the message to the party was that many Egyptians “do not like their way of rule… with human-rights violations every day.”

After their Harlem Shake ended, participants took up the new revolutionary chant: “The people want the fall of the ‘Murshid’ [the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood].”
An impromptu conga line snaked through crowd shouting, “Leave, leave, leave.”



I’m not sure if this is already making its rounds on tumblr but I haven’t seen it yet so here it is. Harlem reclaiming the Harlem Shake. This is that real shit. The REAL Harlem Shake. Not that wack ass garbage that went viral. Mad props to everyone in this video, yo. I can’t stop watching it.

oh i see why the stupid meme version became so popular

the real harlem shake actually requires TALENT

^^^BOOM! And they yanked that music, too!

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This is how you weeeeerrrrrrk!

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Os Kuduristas - Impromptu Battle in Paris!

In this impromptu street performance by Os Kuduristas it’s no-holds barred. We bring it HARD! Smiles galore, energy is high, footwork is endless, as a captivated crowd watches it how Kuduro gets done by each Kudurista. What a blast!

Moments in Afropolitan greatness for your Tuesday.

You’re welcome.


so sweet! omg

Your seriously cute to start off your Friday.

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BEAUTIFUL.Voguing: The Message traces the roots of this gay, Black and Latino dance form, which appropriates and plays with poses and images from mainstream fashion. Voguing competitions parody fashion shows and rate the contestants on the basis of movement, appearance and costume. This tape is a pre-Madonna primer that raises questions about race, sex and subcultural style.

Dir. Jack Walworth, David Bronstein & Dorothy Low 1989 13 min. USA

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A contemporary African Dance flash mob? And in Silver Springs, MD, near DC? Yes, please!

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Defying gravity: Refusing to be held back by a nightmarish past or ugly stereotypes, teen ballerina Michaela DePrince is ready to soar. Read the full story in our June/July issue »

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