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Racialicious Crush Of The Week: Harry Belafonte

Of course, there’s the muuuuuuuuch longer version of why we’re so <3ing Mr. Belafonte this week. (Considering his incredible activism around racism and other human-rights issues, we could keep doing muuuuuuch longer Crush post for the rest of the month.)

But let’s get back to this vid that Latoya posted on 4/28 and to which I put in today’s post. Having reflected on a recent event about healing racism, Latoya stated that, “Of all the things I’ve enjoyed at this conference, watching Harry Belafonte transform the world through pop culture in his biopic has been my favorite.” And he has, with this video being one wonderful example.

I think what I love about this vid is the message itself, namely to “see one another clearly” instead of jumping to the false conclusion of, “I don’t see race/color” or worse, “You’re the racist for calling out racism!” or some other derailing foolishness that clogs too many conversations about race and racism nowadays. Also, the song, to me, says that each person’s differences has a definite function to propel society, not just aesthetic “diversity” that really centers one group at the expense of another. 

Looking at this—and his and some other performers of color struggles before and during Civil Rights Movement and and the hell they went through to use their celebrity to propel this world to a more just place…as Latoya and I said to each other this morning, “And folks want pop culture to still be all-white? Oh hell naw!”