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The Winnemem Wintu Nation only wants the California government to grant them one thing—to allow sixteen-year-old Marisa Sisk to complete her coming-of-age ceremony by legally closing a section of the McCloud River for four days. Unfortunately, Sisk may be blocked from the vital ritual for reasons that started decades ago and continue to this day.

The Winnemem appealed to head Forester Randy Moore, who received them during their visit. However, Moore notes that only federally recognized indigenous groups can request a river closure. The Winnemem are recognized by the state and while they have begun the long process toward being federally recognized it will be too late for Sisk, who needs to complete the ceremony in order to eventually lead the Winnemem people.

Latoya Peterson reports on the Winneman Wintu nation’s struggle to have the ritual—and what we can do to help, like sign this petition and contact head forester Randy Moore at rmoore@fs.fed.us—on the R today.