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"“Roman’s Revenge,” which is arguably one of Nicki’s most confrontational and hostile songs, is a prime example of the way Nicki uses Roman to say things she would not ordinarily. However, Nicki revealed in an interview on Lopez Tonight that Roman is “a gay boy,” which greatly complicates the purpose he serves. I argue that Nicki’s dependence on an imagined queer youth to “say what [she] can’t say” empowers actual queer youth and places them in a position of authority. Given the marginalized status of LGBT youth in society, Nicki’s use of a young homosexual alter ego as a vehicle for honest expression serves a counterhegemonic purpose. Nicki, through Roman, reverses the traditional power structure in which heterosexual norms prevail. Consequently, she challenges heteronormativity by portraying queer youth as authoritative rather than marginal and provides a model of empowerment for these youth.
Is that what makes Nicki Minaj “The Flyest Feminist?” April Gregory says yes, and offers several other reasons, too, at the R today.