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Hot off the press! Read the “How to Say I Love You in Indian” by Gyasi Ross book review here —> http://bit.ly/JFXzif

"I was unable to put it down, because in these words I found, no, rediscovered love. Real love. Not the fairytale gag worthy love found in princess stories, but real love. Love of family, traditions, prayer, and above all, flawed love. Taking place between the rez, grocery store, and sprawling cityscapes, Ross sheds light on a topic we ought to talk about more often, Indigenous love." Patty Stein

Gyasi Ross, a contributor/collaborator with us, has a new book out…adding to the “to-read” list.

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    Gyasi Ross, a contributor/collaborator with us, has a new book out…adding to the “to-read” list.
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