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I am honored to host World Hip Hop Women: From the Sound Up presented by @nomadicwax @WorldHipHopMkt & @DJLajedi

A lot of my sisters on this compilation, and it definitely disproves the misinformed theory that there are only a few to none dope female emcees rippin it… 

Listen & Judge for Yourself :-) 

Track Listing: 

1. Eternia + MoSS – “The BBQ Remix (ft. Tiye Phoenix & Jean Grae)” (Canada/USA/prod: MoSS)

2. M.C. Melodee – “Cha Cha Cha 2011” (Netherlands/prod: Cookin Soul)

3. Masia One – “Warriors Tongue” (Canada/Singapore/prod: Che Vicious & Travis Von Cartier)

4. Mad Muasel – “Soloyo” (Spain/prod: JML)

5. Ana Tijoux + Invincible – “Sube” (Chile/USA/prod: Hordatoj & Ana Tijoux)

6. Raw-G AKA Gina Madrid – “Conexiones Subterraneas (ft. Aima the Dreamer) (Mexico/USA/prod: Cubo)

7. Shadia Mansour – “Al Kufeyyeh 3Arabeyyeh” (UK/Palestine/prod: Sandhill & Johnny Juice)

8. Soultana – “Sawt Nssa (Women’s Voice)” (Morocco/prod: Itoube Music)

9. Sa-Roc – “Fine Line” (USA/prod: Sol Messiah)

10. Bella Shanti – “Saint or Sinner” (New Zealand/prod: Soul Chef)

11. El Gambina – “Sunny Days” (Korea/USA/prod: Jony Fraze)

12. Mana, Mia Lone, Triple Threat & Opal Rose – “Young Girl” (Iran/USA/prod: Blackheart)

13. The Foundation Of 5E: Taneesha, Insite The Riot, Jade, Nik Nak, Mahogany Jonz, DJ LaJedi - “The Foundation” (USA/prod: AEetech)

14. Black Bird – “H-Town Hustler” (Zimbabwe/S. Africa/Zambia/prod: Jusa Dementor)

15. Peridot (formerly Queen Herawin of The Juggaknots) – “So” (USA/prod: SINQUE)

16. Invincible + Waajeed – “Emergence” (USA/prod: Waajeed)

17. Las Krudas Cubensi – “No Me Dejaron” (Cuba/prod: Odaymara Cuesta, Olivia Prendes & DJ Mike)

18. Lithal Li – “Eye The Con” (South Africa/prod: Yves Adler)

19. Black Athena, Versy, Burni (Jitzvinger, Caco) – “Disputing Claims” (South Africa/prod: Shaheen Arifdien)

20. EmpresS*1(الامبراطورة الاولي) – “Rap Renaissance/Bent Belady” (Egypt/UK/prod: Silent Sym/Asteeka)

21. DJ Naida – “Done” (Zimbabwe/prod: Xndr)

For interviews, media inquiries, or for more information please contact DJ LaJedi at unlimitzzzzz@gmail.com and Greg Schick at greg@worldhiphopmarket.com

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