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This week’s Crush and I chatted about deep things at the main blog, like casting in theater, working with the incredible actor Joe Morton, and “California racism.” 

In the second part of the interview, Isaiah offers his holiday-break list of things he plans to see/read and his glad tidings for the new year.

OK, enough deep questions. Here’s a shallow one: what book do you want to curl up with and read, which movie do you want to see, and/or which TV show do you want to catch up with during your break from Stanford?

There are a number of books that I plan to tackle in the coming weeks: Nicole Fleetwood’s Troubling Vision: Performance, Visuality, and Blackness, Salamishah Tillet’s Sites of Slavery: Citizenship and Racial Democracy in the Post-Civil Rights Imagination, and Brandi Catanese’s The Problem of the Color[blind: Racial Transgression and the Politics of Black Performance, to name only three. I hope these will prove useful to my project. In between reading, writing, sleeping and generally enjoying the energy and comforts of the east coast, I also hope to make my way through the first, second and third seasons of Treme. I am a huge fan of David Simon and Ed Burns (even if I sometimes question their depictions of Baltimore) and an even bigger fan of the incomparable Khandi Alexander and Wendell Pierce. I am eager to see how they engage and render the great city and culture of New Orleans in the show. And since I will be directing Tarell McCranney’s Marcus, or the Secret of Sweet, which takes place in a fictional town, San Pere, Lousiana, that bears a resemblance to New Orleans, in the coming months, I’ll just consider my television-watching research!

Since you’re the last Crush of 2012, what’s your New Year’s resolution and/or your wish for humankind for 2013?

As most of my friends know, I love a launch! There’s nothing more exciting to me than new beginnings. Accordingly, I find great joy in crafting New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I place my resolutions in an excel spreadsheet at the start of every year; I return to the spreadsheet at least once a month to track my successes and to note room for improvements. My 2013 resolution spreadsheet has already been created and saved! This year, I hope to: write daily; eliminate fear; and, significantly, surface love. I also plan to: get back into a consistent running rhythm; drink more water; and, travel internationally (a month in Cardiff, Wales is already in the works!).

My wishes for humankind mirror the wishes I have for myself: that is, the elimination of fear and the surfacing of love. Indeed, I hope 2013 will see us all loving fearlessly! If we do, it promises to be a beautiful year! Here’s to another one…


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