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In fact, the poll showed that 4.6 percent of African-Americans identify as LGBT along with 4 percent of Latinos and 4.3 percent of Asian-Americans. Only 3.2 percent of white Americans say they are LGBT.

The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), the nation’s leading black LGBT civil rights organization, has been at the forefront advocating on behalf of black LGBT people and their families. The findings in the Gallup survey reiterate that black LGBT people are Black, too, and LGBT people are not only black, but predominantly so.

The data tells us the truth that we see daily in our lives, families, churches and communities—a narrative quite different from the ones we witness in the media and in the political arena.

While it is easy to get lost in the rhetoric that pits “black” against “gay” or depicts the LGBT community as wealthy white gay men, failing to recognize that our black families are comprised of black LGBT parents, siblings, children, co-workers and friends is a failure to recognize the full Black narrative and our collective power. Radical right wing groups have been working overtime to “divide and conquer” the black vote during this critical election year, attempting to make marriage equality a “wedge issue.” But research continues to show that these groups are fighting a losing battle.

Sharon Lettman-Hicks, “Study Proves Black LBGT No Longer Invisible,” The Grio 10/22/12
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