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But she seemed to speak to the crowd in a pretty severe tone.

“You’d better really look at your future and figure out who’s going to be the guy that’s going to make it better for you and your children, and there is only one answer,” Mrs. Romney told the audience.

“It really is a message that would resonate well if they could just get past some of their biases that have been there from the Democratic machines that have made us look like we don’t care about this community,” Romney told ABC News after her speech. “And that is not true. We very much care about you and your families and the opportunities that are there for you and your families.”

ABC News’ Shushannah Walshe called Mrs. Romney’s words a “harsher pitch than we usually hear from the woman who wants to be the next first lady.”

Now I can’t imagine what her reaction would be if her son Craig brought home a Latina date.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos asked both Mrs. Romney and her son if there are any Latinas or Latin American women they would like to meet. Craig was quick to answer.

“I’d love to meet Shakira and Thalia, singers who are very special,” Romney said with a big smile.

—Jorge Rivas, “‘I’d Love To Meet Shakira And Thalia’ Said Craig Romney, As He Licked His Lips,” Colorlines 8/30/12

See this?

Imma let this sistah state what quite a few of us are thinking:

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