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It’s Friday, and we’re just going relax our minds and luxuriate in this week’s loved-up, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

I give several reasons, both pop-cultural and profane, as to why we dig Dwayne over at the R. And I can lay out a few more reasons here, like:

* he’s probably one of the more fun action stars to swing through the pop-culture landscape in a minute. 

* he believes in helping build his communities and managing wealth.

* he’s got a bachelor’s degree in physiology and criminology.

* he did a few eps of Star Trek: Voyager (not a fan of the show, but enjoyed the idea of his being on there).

* his mom and his maternal grandmom kick ass.

And then…okay, let me spool the story: I attended an event last night celebrating the third anniversary for Black Girls Run. I met Racialicious fan Chyann Sapp and her cohorts Jaylene Clark and Hollis Heath, who are the creative team behind Renaissance In The Belly Of A Killer Whale, a multimedia project about gentrification in Harlem. I said I couldn’t stay too long because I had to write up the Crush post. Chyann was dying to know who it was to be. When I replied Johnson, they all fell silent and shook their heads. 

"That is a handsome man," Chyann said.

'Nuff said.

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    He is good looking, but he’s way more attractive to me as The Rock than as Mr. Kiddie Movie Actor.
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    ma babyyyyyyyyyy
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    Yes, lord! My future husband. :3
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    He is a gorgeous man!
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    Yep! He went to college on a full football scholarship, but didn’t play long because of an injury.
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    The Rock went to college. File under: things I didn’t know.
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