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Kickstarter Project o’ the Week

The African-American Superhero Anthology

I have most of my eyesight back, so I’m here promoting a project that doesn’t explicitly involve lady creators (though I’m hoping they do reach out to African-American lady creators as well!)

Anyone who goes to the movies or turns on television knows that comic books have taken over pop culture. This summer alone, three superhero films adapted from comic books are hitting the big screen.

And that’s great, right? Well, yes … except for one big problem …

The vast majority of superheroes proliferating pop culture these days are NOT people of color.

And that’s because, even today, minorities are still in the minority when it comes to the world of comic books. And that means, tons of potential readers are not being served with stuff they might like.

The fact is, the world needs more heroes of color — so, we decided to create some!

Presenting: The African American Superhero Anthology.

Created by writer/editor Carlton Hargro, with art and stories by a host of artists and writers, The African American Superhero Anthology (aka “Super Black”) is designed to introduce a bevy of new and divergent heroes of color to the comic landscape.

But in order for The African American Superhero Anthology to become a reality, we need YOUR help….

  • The Anthology will be published as a 48-page, color, one-shot comic book.
  • It will feature four main stories — written and drawn by a number of creators. The comic will also feature full-page illustrations by several new and established artists and text pieces written by Carlton Hargro.
  • The vast majority of the characters featured in the Anthology are brand-new characters that have never been seen in published comic books before. (So, collectors should take note, this comic will feature a number of first appearances.)
  • Creators contributing work to the Anthology include: Writers Carlton Hargro and Darrick Hargro; artists John Hairston and Marcus Kiser; Image Comics writer/artist Jimmie Robinson and artist Antoine Williams (who drew pin-ups); and more to-be announced.

They only need $50 more to reach their goal, but why not make this project the next Womanthology?

This sounds like an AMAZING idea.  Please support it!

And people making the book, please let me know if I can help in any way, spreading the word or whatever!


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