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As you’ll recall, Nerdgasm Noire’s Roxie Moxie shared this column about the problematic reactions to the casting of Lenny Kravitz and Amandla Stenberg in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, the opening chapter of which has gone on to post an opening weekend take of more than $155 million at the box office.

In the wake of the film’s strong opening, the disappointment–and sometimes outright anger–of more fans has been pushed further into the spotlight.

Not long after the film opened, there were enough of these kinds of reactions floating around online to populate a Tumblr (which should be read with a Trigger Warning for slurs)…

Fandom stays classy (again) with their pissiness about Black people getting cast as major characters in Hunger Games. Arturo García reports on the how the HG fans are getting their racism on online and how social media—including Tumblr—is putting ‘em on blast on the R today.
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