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Yep, it’s true—we at the R designated Friday as our Funday, a day where we can get get silly and loose about race and life and love, especially about people we wanna love up on.

This love-up will be known from this point on as The Racialicious Crush Of The Week. 

To start us off, our first Crush is none other than porn star (and Tumblrer—soooo NSFW) Keni Styles.

Keni Styles

Here’s a excerpt of an interview he did with former Asian Pop columnist Jeff Yang

Have you had any negative encounters in the porn industry?

Not really. I mean, you have the whole vibe here with people’s misconceptions about Asian guys and sex. “An Asian porn star! Is he a mutant?” There are so many closed-minded people in America. Maybe that’s a massive generalization, but it’s largely true. And even the people who don’t have issues, they listen to what everyone says, and think, “Hey, that must be true.” And then the popular culture, the media, they hype up the same stereotypes.

Stereotypes, as in, “Asian guys have small penises”?

Yeah. That conversation comes up all the time. Frankly, to me it’s not a big deal. If someone says that I’m like, “Did you really think that? Okay. And Asian women’s vaginas are on sideways, too, right? “

There are obviously some unique race issues in porn. The porn world tends to see interracial as solely meaning black and white. I’ll be on set talking with girls about other actors they’ve worked with, and a lot of my buddies are black, and they’ll go, “Oh, I don’t do interracial.”

And I blink, and the director calls, and I’m like, “Uh, okay, so should we get into this scene? You realize this is interracial right now, right?”

"No, it’s not."

"Well, yes, it is."

"No, it’s not!"

"Look — are you going to suck my dick or not?"

"Yes, okay, I’ll get right to it."

People know that Asian and white is interracial, but in porn, the girls don’t see it the same way. There’s a massive, institutionalized racial prejudice in the industry where, for example, girls get paid more to do interracial scenes. And that’s ridiculous. A dick is a dick. But that’s the way it is.

So interracial fetish porn is big business, but that always means black men and white women, black women and white men, and maybe sometimes Asian women and black or white guys — there’s no market for “Asian man, white woman” or “Asian man, black woman”?

There isn’t a niche. The talent pool is too small. There’s me, and there’s a few dudes who work for themselves, who aren’t really available to work. And then there’s Japanese dudes. How could there be an Asian man niche? There aren’t any Asian men working regularly in this business other than me.

But there are a lot of Asian girls, right? And you’ve worked with some of them? I saw that the “Best Couples Scene” you were nominated for was for a movie called “Pure” you did with an actress named Asa Akira, which seems to be based on the classic Japanese film “In the Realm of the Senses.”

Asian girls, oh yes, I love Asian girls. But as for working with them, there’s no difference. People are constantly trying to prompt me to say shit about Asian girls, white girls, which I prefer, who’s better — I just don’t see it as they see it. I don’t see color like that. Asian chicks are Asian chicks, but do I prefer any race over another? No. There are beautiful white girls and beautiful Asian girls. There are butt-ugly white girls and butt-ugly Asian girls. I’d still fuck ‘em all. Is the girl down to fuck or not? That’s all that matters.

Would you say the porn industry is racist?

Put it like this: People who get naked and have intimate sex on camera in front of a crowd of people are generally very open minded. They’re very honest. They’re probably going to tell you show you an outlook on life that’s different from the closed-mindedness of those who follow society’s mold. There’s discrimination, prejudice like anywhere else, but it’s out in the open and people deal with it.

Speaking of dicks…we talked about the whole penis size stereotype before, and about how it’s been a major source of anxiety for some Asian guys. But you seem really blase about penis size, even though it’s so important in the porn industry.

Well, I’m very cautious about talking about this issue, because I think anything you say can be interpreted the wrong way. Here’s the same thing I say every time I’m asked: I’ve never measured my penis. I’ve never been arrogant or vain enough to care to measure it against anything other than a girl’s vagina.

The whole size issue is ridiculous. You don’t fuck someone with your dick, you fuck someone with your whole body, your attitude, your presence. The moment you say, “Oh, my dick is X inches long,” you’ve let society win the battle of thinking it matters. And it just doesn’t. I’m not the biggest there is, and I’m not the smallest, but I’ve never measured my penis against anything than a girl’s vagina. If it fits and she’s happy, I’m happy.

@green-street-politics: glad to be of service.:-)

@kayakowie—that gif is on Keni’s Tumblr…and there are a couple even sexier than that. And I’ll leave it at that.;-)

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