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This vid can be conversed about for days just around the ideas of Blackness, beauty, trendiness, and US media. Racialicious Owner/Editor Latoya Peterson wrapped her head around global hip-hop with this post back in 2009.

soo many thoughts in my head @_@

 wow i almost cant tell shes japanese. i think its interesting.. people always get so wrapped up in the love for european looks such as pale skin.. that they forget that there actually is quite a very large love for dark skin and specifically black culture.

::record scratch::



@petitedeath—You “almost can’t tell she’s Japanese?!?” As if Japanese people all have a “look” or, more insidiously, all Japanese people look alike?

You seriously want to make such a stereotyping statement on the Racialicious tumblr? Okay, since you did…here’s our moderation policy, which applies to this part of the R, too. I bring your attention to policy point #7:

Try not to speak in generalizations. Don’t attribute characteristics to entire ethnic or racial groups. Adding modifiers like “some” or talking specifically about your personal experiences help reduce the likelihood that you’re stereotyping entire communities.

::walks away::

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    very, very interesting.
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    DUMB PERSON OF THE DAY: Hina Once again, we have a generalizing d-bag with the thought process of many white people I’ve...
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