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Here’s the thing: the entertainment [industry]—meaning most media—cast Black women as three things: The Fierce, Fabulous Diva; The Downtrodden, Beat-down Black Woman, or The Friend of the White Lady Who Has All the Answers. We are just as complex as any race of women, but we are marginalized.

When I read the script [for Stick Fly], I was so happy to see a girl like me. I’m the strange girl. I’m trying too hard. We’re all just trying to figure it out—just like White women. We’ve never seen Taylor before, who’s quirky. We’re either the frigid CEO, or we’re downtrodden. The media doesn’t know what to do with us.

The incredibly cool Tracie Thoms, who graciously answered me when I asked her at the cast party about her character Taylor, the geeky, quirky entomologist—you read that right—in _Stick Fly_. And she’s totally rocks geeky Black-girl cred when Taylor gets two double-word score at Scrabble with the word “pituitary.” 

And, yep, I fangirled out and asked for her autograph. Behind that are my scribbled-in-the-dark notes.

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