Racialicious is a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. Check out our updates on the latest celebrity gaffes, our no-holds-barred critique of questionable media representations. If you've been on the blog, you know how this Tumblr works, too. Including the moderation policy.
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Yep, we sure have! As we’re growing into what being the R means and how to carry on convos about anti-racism, feminism, geekdom, and other topics, we’re moving into other parts Online Land. 

And this Tumblr, being a “living document,” will change moods and timbre over time. We’ll connect with posts, of course, from the main blog. You may also catch some tweets over here. You might also see us just posting photos/audio/videos/quotes that mean something to the R Crew with and without comment because, hey, we love it.

We know some of our most vociferous critics hang out here on Tumblr. (Yeah, we see y’all.) We know some of our most ardent fans hang out here, too. (Hey, luvs!) And some of our own favorites hang here, too. (Shoutout to Microaggressions!) So, we expect the feedback to be nothing more or less than what we get at the main blog.

And expect us to moderate the feedback the same way.

All right. Let’s play, shall we?

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