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A few months ago, we reminded the Internet (specifically English-language media outlets) to #RespectTheÑ. The point is simple: a letter that might look weird to non-Spanish speakers, is actually pretty common to those who know Spanish. Yet, when you get the AP to tweet out…



Boy Culture (US, 2006) - Darryl Stephens

Preach. It. BROTHER!!!

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my film, DEAF BROWN GURL is finally here! After one year in the making, it’s here for public viewing. ENGLISH & SPANISH subtitles are available for your watching. My film shows the diversity of Indian society (in Patna) and I wanted to show a variety of Indian groups (Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists), including Deaf Indians (and myself as a Deaf Indian).

"Deaf Brown Gurl" ("La Morena Sorda") a film written, directed, shot, performed, and edited by Sabina England.

-Voice Over & Sound Design by Micropixie.
-Music by Om/Off (Paco Seren and Pablo Alvarez)
-V.O Recording by Elliott Peltzman.

Filmed in India (Old Delhi, India and Patna, Bihar, India)

Sabina England
http://www.sabinaengland.com/ (Website)
https://www.facebook.com/sabinaengland (Facebook)
https://twitter.com/sabinaengland (Twitter)

http://www.micropixie.com/ (Website)
https://www.facebook.com/Micropixie (Facebook)
https://twitter.com/micropixie (Twitter)

Om/Off (from Spain/desde España)
http://inidicia.wix.com/omoff (Website)
https://www.facebook.com/omoff (Facebook)
https://twitter.com/pacoseren (Twitter)

please check out my works and subscribe to my youtube channel. thank you.

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1. Having Aquaman’s Mera played by a WOC

2. Having Black Manta as the main villain in Aquaman and cast as a Black actor.

3. John Stewart as Green Lantern (or Kyle, tbh, but I think Kyle is more of a TV show GL)

4. Fatality showing up in that movie because John Stewart (or Kyle) is Green…




     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?

This is amazing.

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[trigger warning: heavy internalized racism/antiblackness, unchecked light skin privilege, romantic policing, parent-child conflict]

It’s been a few months, but here we are: a new minicomic! This one’s a doozy. It’s an account of the “talk” I got when I was 15 years old about “adelantando la raza,” which means to advance/improve the race (yes, in a Eugenics-y type way). It is an alarmingly common talk to receive when you grow up in a Latinx family. My mother had the talk with me, her mother had the talk with her, her mother’s mother told her, etc. For generations (and still to this day in a more de facto as opposed to de jure sense), your race determined your social class in most of the former Spanish empire. There is even a word for gaining social status that directly equates greater class privilege with being whiter than others: “blanqueando,” becoming white. This event in my life is one I will never forget, one that triggers feeling after feeling: sorrow, empathy, rage (on my mother’s behalf), regret (for my flippant teenage response to her at the time), and confusion (around my identity). I want to tell more stories like this, stories that most folks might say “wow, that’s weird” to but that, just maybe, will reach a few others who’ll go “oh my god, this was a part of my life, too, and I’ve never seen a comic about it.” 

Gratefully mi familia panameña never says anything like that to me , somos negros y orgullos

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Photo Highlights from Ferguson October “Weekend of Resistance”

Quote from J. Myles: “Real talk- I did this for a weekend. These ppl here have been doing this every damn day. I’m exhausted over here wondering how ppl can handle the mental and physical strain. They are legit fighting for mike brown and the systematic racism we face as a ppl. [We], whoever all need to support them because this fight is for all of us. No way around that fact.“

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Wangechi Mutu Takes On Transmutation As a New Form of Existentialism

On the eve of Wangechi Mutu’s solo show, ‘Nguva na Nyoka’ (Sirens and Serpents) opening this October 14 2014 at London’s Victoria Miro gallery, the artist shared candid thoughts and insights on her latest body of work with Another Africa’s Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray much like what inspired her to delve into Kenya’s rich folkloric mythologies:

"The fact that women have this option to turn into these myths, these powerful, indefinable creatures – especially in a place like the coast of Kenya where the traditionally patriarchal cultures of the African Mijikenda tribes prevail – is such a testament to all the possibilities of what a woman can do in a place where she is not actually permitted to do much. That is completely inspiring to me also as an artist. So that is why I dug into it."

Wangechi Mutu

Source | anotherafrica.net

[© Wangechi Mutu. Even, 2014. ]

Image courtesy of Wangechi Mutu and Victoria Miro, London.



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