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"So, er, for the non South Asians in the audience who perhaps didn’t understand why there was applause, the British built a really extensive railway system throughout India before they left, and it wasn’t so much for transportation for the Indian people, it was because it’s really hard to plunder on foot."

Hari Kondabolu’s joke about the British colonisation of India [x]

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 Afua Richardson Illustrates the Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes for NPR

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I have been through segregation, integration and revitalization, and I am still here.

-Dr. Leonard Muse (aka “Doc”)



"Much has changed in the 60 years since Doc Muse first opened the doors of the Green Valley Pharmacy in Arlington County.

Back then, Northern Virginia pharmacies sent African American customers to the back door for their orders and purchases, he recalled. But Muse’s store, opened in 1952 in the heart of the black community of Nauck, treated those same customers with respect. Over time, the pharmacy would become known as the shop where you could get a fair deal and, when necessary, a little help.

The pharmacy was recently named a local historic landmark, and Muse was recognized as an example of “the triumph of the spirit and the indomitable will of one man.””


Dr. Leonard Muse has been serving the black community in Arlington Virginia since 1952. He is the oldest pharmacist in the state at 90 and a WW2 veteran. He and a business partner, Waverly Jones, opened Green Valley in 1952 when they realized no existing pharmacy in the county would serve or treat African-Americans properly. Dr. Muse became the sole proprietor of the store in 1955. Even today, the doc is sharp as knife and always active around the store.

Doc has always stood in the background of his community supporting locals in their times of need. Today, the pharmacy is busy as ever while also serving as a popular meeting ground for the neighborhood.


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Sometimes I’m getting lost in AU hell so have more uh teenage superhero Winter Soldier…stuff
Natasha and Sam are not 100% fixed yet I did those rather impulsively but they get proper ones one of these days I think
Especially Tashas outfit doesnt quite come off as intended but I wanted to show off the tat priorities priorities
For Sam insert cheesy ass falcon wing patches at the back of his jacket (haha remember that Deryl Dixon vest? Daaamn straight you do)
Edit:Ah yes also link to previous design

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Today in microfashion…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( Stills  )

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Shana L. Redmond
December 2013, Paper
9780814770412, $25.00
Read the introduction here.

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report from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey conducted by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality, found that transgender people faced double the rate of unemployment of the general population, with 63 percent of the transgender people surveyed reporting they experienced a serious act of discrimination that majorly affected their ability to sustain themselves. These numbers are even worse for trans people of color, especially trans women of color, the deaths of whom have been deemed a “state of emergency.” 

Trans women have been saddled with the responsibility of taking on trans-exclusionary feminists for far too long—but it’s not their issue to deal with alone. 

Read: It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women by Tina Vasquez at BitchMedia.org.  Type illustrations by Michelle Leigh

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F/F Books with WOC Characters/Protagonists.

(in honour of Femslash February!)

(i’ve only read about half of these, but have been told that the other half is well worth checking out! definitely feel free to add your own recs. :) never enough books about QWOC!)

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