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The rage of the oppressed is never the same as the rage of the privileged.
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Share your experiences of subtle, everyday racism

Subtle racism has been shown in studies to be far more taxing and damaging to the victim, compared to (non-physically violent) overt racism [APAWebMD].

This blog is a safe space by, and for, people of color where they can share their experiences with everyday, subtle racism, or racial microaggressions. 

Our main goal is to help people of color feel supported and validated in dealing with this insidious form of racism. We know how incredibly frustrating it is to have people doubt our experiences, so please be assured that you will always be believed here. No exceptions. 

White people are welcome to follow and learn what subtle racism can look like and avoid doing it themselves, and stand up against it as allies. 

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He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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First pages of Asian Women (1971), a journal produced by students at UC Berkeley, with articles and art submitted by Asian women across the country.

Most of the compilers met in Asian Studies 170, a winter 1971 proseminar designed to discuss the history and roles of Asian women. Confronted with sexism in the Asian movement, and finding that “the white middle-class woman’s liberation movement” was not relevant to their lives, many Asian American women activists in colleges found the need to create venues for their experiences and opinions.

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Asker drcabl3 Asks:
Hey, I came across your tumblr from the TTW14 panel you were on, and wondered what your favorite race-centric tumblrs where? I'm especially interested in tumblrs from the non-western world, women of color, trans(especially especially trans femmes) people of color and queer people of color.
racialicious racialicious Said:

Sorry, I (Latoya) forget to check the inbox on Tumblr. Favorite is hard to choose - I follow a mix of art, political, fashion, and theme blogs and then I just select things that match with race.  I love 18 Million Rising and Dynamic Africa, but a lot of the great stuff are reblogs from smart people like Ethiopienne. Feel free to look at who I follow personally on Tumblr - a lot of what goes on Racialicious is curated from there.


love the gwendolyn cosplay! that looks so cool! how many of you racialicious staff folks read saga?
racialicious racialicious Said:

I just started reading Saga. On the 1st trade paperback. -LDP

Asker radchaphruek Asks:
Hi, I love your blog! I’m a mod at bookendeds. We’re a diverse media review blog focussing on books. Our aim is to bring media with themes and characters that are scarcely represented in mainstream media to your attention, as well as to give you an overall assessment of its progressiveness and quality. We’re new and could use some promotion. Would you mind publishing this ask for your followers to see?
racialicious racialicious Said:

Hello. Welcome to the party! Book reviews are difficult for us and we’ve done less of them as the years have gone on, so we are excited to see what you post.

For those who want to follow:



What is the Racialicious opinion on the video for All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor? Like with the Lily Allen song Hard Out Here, there are racial issues in the casting of black dancers to twerk behind a white lead singer - but it is less extreme than in Allen's video. With Allen, the issue was the simultaneous appropriation and shaming of black culture. Do you think this video did the same?
racialicious racialicious Said:

I don’t think we have an opinion yet.  This is the first I’ve heard of the song/video, though Kendra or Arturo may have.  Will look into it. - LDP